Georgia Soccer Player Carli Shultis Arrested For Stealing Hash Browns

When I was YOUNG ROB, back at The Ohio State University, I only liked using mechanical pencils and Erasemate ink pens.  One problem though, they were like $2.00.

This was back when $2.00 meant something to a young college student (I could get a honey bun with that…WITH THE WHITE ICING), so I did what needed to be done.

I stole them.

I figure I stole at least 200 pencils and pens during my crime spree and was never caught (statue of limitations is up), so while this young lady trying to steal hash browns is hilarious, I understand Carli, I understand.

A University of Georgia soccer player is charged with trying to steal an order of hashbrown potatoes in her pants. According to UGA police records, Carli Shultis, 19, was arrested around 8:30 a.m. Feb. 21 at the Bulldog Cafe in the Tate Center on campus. The student newspaper, The Red & Black, obtained a copy of the police report, which stated that a food services worker detained Shultis after seeing her attempt to steal the potatoes while making a food purchase.

Shultis admitted to a police officer that she had stuffed the hashbrowns in her pants to avoid paying for them, the Red & Black reported. Shultis also told police that she had enough money to pay for the hashbrowns, which were valued at $1.06, the paper said. The police report also stated that Shultis removed the hashbrowns from her pants and tried to put them back on the food counter when she realized she’d been spotted.

She was arrested and taken to the Clarke County jail. She also received a one-year ban from campus eateries — The Bulldog Café, Tate Café, Taste of Home Café, Red Clay Café, Dawg Snacks, Village Market, DogBone, Bone Appétit, The Cremery, ‘Tween the Pages, Dawg Bites and Jittery Joes, the Red & Black reported.

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  • I fully understand myself. Shout out to Long’s bookstore..LOL

  • I’d love to buy Carli Shultis breakfast – – gorgeous girl.

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