Golfer Rachel Connor Gets Busted for DUI with Eddie George in the Car (Photos)


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Eddie George was the smart one in this situation,, well kind of smart.

He was at the same party as Connor, but was smart enough not to drive, but dumb enough to accept a ride from someone who was tipsy, so he gets away free and Connor, not so much.

Retired NFL star Eddie George was sitting in the passenger seat … when pro golfer Rachel Connor was busted for drunk driving in Florida early this morning … TMZ has learned.

Connor — a 21-year-old British golf pro — was pulled over at 2:21 AM in Sarasota, Florida … after cops say they noticed her speeding and weaving in her lane.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ … cops smelled booze when they approached the  vehicle … and Connor admitted to drinking 2 vodka cranberries earlier in the evening.

Those cranberry and vodkas can sneak up on you.

Next time Connor should learn from Eddie.

5 thoughts on “Golfer Rachel Connor Gets Busted for DUI with Eddie George in the Car (Photos)

  • You know damn well Eddie George was going home with her to tap that!

    • LOL….Hell Yeah!!!

  • Ms. Connor has a nice little body. No question Eddie was planning to smash. Unfortunately for Eddie–his wife will be giving him the side eye for the rest of their marriage (however much longer it lasts).

  • naw Eddie naw!! Out of all the folk at that party you get this drunk 21 yr old hussy to take you home at 2am?!? nah son not looking good at all.

  • He was going to knock the bottom out of it…….

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