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Jason Whitlock Says Kobe Bryant Has Never Been on Lebron James’ Level

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012
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Everyone has opinions.

People respect opinions that are based on factual evidence.  Sometimes, how you present your argument is as important as the argument itself.

So, before I look at any opinion, I attempt to see what the rationale is behind it.  I asked you to do that while reading the crux of why Jason Whitlock’s says Kobe has never been on Lebron’s level.  Then I will tell you what I think.

We sell the false Kobe narrative because it fuels and justifies our disdain for King James. The closer Kobe is to NBA royalty, the more distance James must travel and the more people he must pass to get a seat at the table reserved for Jordan, Magic and Bird. LeBron haters don’t want him anywhere near the NBA’s Lord, Savior and Holy Ghost. LeBron is Judas, in the haters’ mind, the man who betrayed Cleveland. Kobe is Peter, Jordan’s most trusted disciple.

I don’t care if Kobe wins eight championships, he’s not on the same level as Jordan, Magic, Bird or even the title-less King James. That’s not hatred of Kobe or the Lakers. It’s an objective statement of fact.

In baseball terms, Kobe Bryant was born on third base and we’re allowing him to act like he hit a grand slam. There is no bigger competitive advantage in sports than playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Because of the weather, the beach and the entertainment options, an indoor professional sports franchise operating in Los Angeles has no excuse not to stock its roster with the best talent money can buy. It’s not a coincidence the Lakers have been home to Wilt, Kareem and Shaq.

When you compare Kobe’s all-around game to the Lord, Savior and Holy Ghost, he’s completely outclassed. Kobe is a scorer. Period. That’s all he did Sunday. He put 33 points on Shane Battier, a terrific defender. Kobe had a great game. But he also did little else. He had three rebounds, one assist, zero steals or blocks.

Meanwhile, on a day the Heat played without Chris Bosh and on an afternoon when Wade was off his game and fouled out in 31 minutes, LeBron James played the entire 94 feet. He scored 25 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, passed out seven assists, nabbed three steals and blocked two shots.

You put Bynum and Gasol around LeBron James and everyone in the league would expect that team to win a championship. Kobe wants the roster blown up. He’s still upset David Stern stopped the Lakers from acquiring Chris Paul.

You give Wade the same rosters Kobe has played with throughout his Los Angeles career, and I guarantee you the Lakers win the same number of titles — if not more. If you look at their career numbers, Wade is a better all-around player than Bryant. Wade bests Bryant in field-goal percentage, assists, steals and blocks and is in a virtual tie with Bryant in points per game (25.4 to 25.3) and rebounds (5.3 to 5.2).

Don’t even waste your time comparing Kobe’s averages to Jordan’s, Bird’s, Magic’s and LeBron’s. Kobe isn’t on their level.

Whitlock is trying to get you over to his side, but he fails in several ways.

The first is that he ignores that there was a time before Twitter, before Whitlock became the Black Skip Bayless, before there were a million sports blogs and the real Skip Bayless became the voice of the Mini Skips, Kobe Bryant was the most hated man in sports.

Combination of Shaq leaving, his rape accusation and various other things all happened at once to contribute to Bryant’s reputation.

You think Lebron has it bad, imagine already having three championships and not getting credit for any of them.   There were many articles saying Kobe could never win a title without Shaq and that he was the most selfish basketball player of all time.

That is not taking into consideration the shadow of Michael Jordan that has been hovering over Kobe Bryant for over a decade.

Lebron has been pampered for the majority of his time in the NBA, he has been slandered for a year and half, deal with it.

As far as Kobe not being on Lebron’s level they are two different players and Whitlock’s argument while nicely written doesn’t make any sense.

Lebron is a freak of nature, quite possibly the most gifted NBA player of all time.  Kobe doesn’t have the physical gifts that Lebron has.  He never did and he never will.  He will never be as good of a rebounder or passer than Lebron, but Whitlock forgets one crucial thing.

What made Jordan, Magic and Bird great wasn’t just their physical gifts it was their mental ones.

Vince Carter was physically gifted, just like Dominique Wilkins was, but you need something else and that is why Lebron can never be on Kobe’s level, not yet at least.

Because mentally Kobe’s passion, dedication and serial killer mentality is what gets him in the discussion of greatest players of all time.

It is lazy to assume that Lebron or Wade could just step into Kobe’s shoes and do the same things.  As Jay Z once said in response to Damon Dash saying he made Jay.

“Ok, Make Another Hov…..”

Implying that if it is that easy, then why hasn’t someone else done it?

If that is Kobe and Wade playing against the Mavericks last year or Kobe and Bron do the Heat win that title?  You can’t make assumptions like that and that is where Whitlock fails miserably.

Whitlock says don’t just look at stats, but then uses stats to try to prove while Lebron is on a higher level.

It is a contradiction to mask that he is just trolling for something to get people talking.  The facts of the matter is Kobe Bryant has been in the league 16 years, been to 7 Finals and is still playing like an elite player in the NBA.  What he is currently doing is unheard of.

He has missed less games than Wade while playing in double the amount, so think clearly before you say Bryant is so easily replaceable.

Lebron James is the best player in the NBA and has a chance to be one of the best players ever, but let the King get one crown before we start comparing him to Michael, Jordan, Bird or………..

Kobe Bryant.

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  1. Yaya says:

    Whitlock made valid points. Yes, Kobe was fairly criticized ( never to the level that LBJ is getting), but when it became cool to hate LBJ…then all of the flaws that Kobe has disappeared. It’s like to hate on LBJ..now KObe is perfect and never had help in winning or to some didn’t need Shaq. Kobe didn’t show any mental toughness after shaq and phil left and he was losing. It’s easy to be mentally tough when you are winning.

    • yuckfou says:

      You havn’t been watching the NBA long have you? Kobe has always been hated. LBJ definitely has it easy compared to what Kobe has to deal with…remember what everyone dubbed him as when he entered the league?…”the chosen one”. Kobe has never got the proper respect and it obviously continues. Whitlock decided to act a fool all of a sudden why? because Lebron was torched on live national TV. You are ignorant if you think Whitlock made valid points. There are no valid points in that article…not one.

    • Beezy says:

      Kobe was not ever fairly criticized when you look at MJ’s career the way they cover all his personality flaws up and I think Kobe putting up 81points is plenty of heart and mental toughness and coming back winning back to back after being embarrassed by the Celtics in 08 and all the injuries Kobe has played through to say he has no heart are mental toughness is a complete misstatement btw kobe has stood up and defended Lebron…Lebron is great but he has not gone through what Kobe has gone through the west was way more stacked then the east was when Kobe was receiving all that hate we had ten teams with loosing records people always say Lebron had no talent on his team but the cavs were better than Kwame Smush Luke and an inconsistent Lamar who was playing like he played for Dallas on most nights and the only reason he had more assist is he always played with guys that can make shots now lebron has the team what will be your excuses if he still can’t get it done not to wish bad on him but he always plays great in the conference finals so this year has not gone any different then the past

  2. Destined says:

    I agree with both opinions. Whitlock does make a valid argument about Kobe. I’ve been saying for years he’s overrated, but like Rob says he does turn into F you mode and go for the kill. Lebron does need to tap into that more and he will be getting his rings. Whitlock does give you something to think about though.

  3. E says:

    ^I was wondering where Bubba Sparx went

  4. terry says:

    Whitlock’s claim that Kobe is a one trick pony (a scorer) is pure baloney. Kobe is one of the toughest defenders in the NBA and has been for the last decade.

    Kobe Bryant shares the record for most NBA All-Defensive first team selections with nine (tied with MJ, Kevin Garnett, & Gary Payton), and has 11 overall.

  5. Piglet says:

    after the rape case Kobe received more hate than lebron is getting. right after the decision lebron hate faded but thats the level of hate kobe got for years. they had posters in arenas every night calling him a rapist and more. you idiots really started watching basketball last year.

  6. ragg says:

    Funny how people are trying to compare a rape case, to a free agent exercising his rights. You may not have liked the way LBJ went about leaving the Cavs, but is that a reason to hate him so much? Like Withlock said, Kobe’s lucky he plays for an organization that wants to win, and will get help from the NBA to win. People forget how much of aa pussy Kobe was after Shaq was gone, how he couldn’t even make the playoffs. People forget how much he was throwing Bynumn under the bus. Kobe’s a great scorer, but he’s not leader. LBJ took 11 scrubs to the finals, Kobe wouldn’t even be able to make the playoffs with those guys. Lastly, LBJ is not that much bigger than Kobe.

    • ryzombie says:

      Ok well ^ this guy is a freaking moron. Kobe is not a leader?? Are you kidding me? He took a team of Luke Walton, Smush Parker and Kwame Brown seven games against the Suns, one of the best teams in the league. LeBron could not have done that. Kobe could for sure have taken that team LeBron was on to the playoffs, you are nuts. Secondly, you are calling Mo Williams a scrub? Zydrunas a scrub? Jamison a scrub? They are way better than Brown, Parker and Walton, give me a break, there is absolutely no comparison. LeBron is not that much bigger than Kobe???? He is two inches taller and about 50 lbs heavier. Yeah, LeBron is bigger and it is noticeable if you actually watch the NBA, which I think you seriously just started watching last night. Seriously, people need to get a clue, Kobe was hated in a much worse way than LeBron was, and he is still hated. He has never gotten the proper respect for his slaving away in this league like he has, yet LeBron James gets praised the minute he walks in. It reminds me of kids today who hate The Beatles and love Justin Bieber, it is called ignorance. Get a clue rookies.

  7. beezy says:

    this article makes you sound very ignorant like you know nothing about basketball the 2008 olympics was evidence of Kobe’s greatness and how he took the redeem team to another level and even made Lebron a better player and told him exactly what he needed to do to get to the level he is at now how can you Lebron fans be so disrespectful and wonder why most Kobe fans hate on Lebron which is not right either they are both great in very different ways one should not take from the other now the situation is flipped Lebron use to benefit from the the media hateing on kobe because he was on trial no the Kobe is benefiting from the media because the decision the only differnce is Kobe actually defends Lebron when the come to him with questions of critics

  8. Realtalk says:

    I never seen so much dik riding in my life for a man, who just won the title but there 2 previous trips. Grated Lebron good, have you blind people forgot what Kobe has done for the league. Are you serious Dwayne Wade who won a championship in 06 the won 15 games the next season is better than Kobe??? What, 5 rings 7 trips to the finals, 16 years of elite ball which hasn’t been done in this modern age. The man gets no respect, im not going to shit on Lebron like his not good. Right now in his “young career his better than Kobe. You see I use key word young. Ya are idiots, stat watchers that focus on stats except of the eyeball check. Kobe aint got to prove nothing to you haters but keep winning. Yes he is better than Bird and Magic they said it themselves that Kobe is better. Kobe, do your thing this haters always hate but never get paid PEACE!!!

  9. Thrill says:

    Kobe Bryant, one of the most under-appreciated athletes ever. “Kobe is a scorer, period”! Was Mr. Whitlock serious!! First off, Kobe is not just a scorer, he’s the best, most versatile, creative and talented scorer ever!! He also happens to have been a great defender in his prime, with a good number of assists, steals…etc for his position! Whitlock picks one game to show that Kobe is one dimensional! That’s like me picking one of his several triple-double games and saying he’s a triple-double machine! Or me picking games where MJ had 0 (or 1-3) assists and making a negative point about it.

  10. Thrill says:

    Yo, Mr Whitlock, holla at me when Lebron James is STILL AN ELITE PLAYER IN HIS 17TH SEASON!!!! Like Kobe Bryant

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