Jeff Van Gundy Thinks Magic Have Turned Over Control to Dwight Howard

It is a conspiracy theory.

But, it is one that makes perfect sense. Plus considering Jeff Van Gundy’s brother is the head coach, it isn’t surprising that he might have some inside information.

To me, only the most gullible fans would believe that this was about loyalty,” Van Gundy said according to the Orlando Sentinel. “I think it was about power and control. … I don’t know what they agreed to, but anybody who doesn’t think senior management and Howard have come to an agreement on either trading players to get people he (Dwight) likes or changing the coach or changing the general manager or changing the marketing of him. … Whatever they agreed to, there’s been an agreement made.

“What the Magic senior executives are doing right now is unbecoming. The groveling and begging is hard to read and watch. His (Dwight’s) opinion should matter, but the strong organizations stand for something rather than fall for anything.”

Don’t be surprised if Stan Van Gundy is fired per Howard’s request.

Also don’t be surprised if Dwight Howard changes his mind again and we are going through the same circus next year.  It isn’t like Dwight is the best decision maker (Dwight Howard’s Secret Baby Mamas Hope Alexa,Tiffany Render & Maybe More Photos)

H/T Larry Brown Sports