Jeremy Lin is Not Pleased at Amar’e and Carmelo Inability to Get a Rebound (Video)


It was all good just  a week ago.

Haven’t heard much about Linisanity lately have you?  Since, Carmelo has returned to the lineup the Knicks are 3-7.  Lin has leveled out (even though he had a good game against Bucks) and the Knicks are back to being the same old underachieving Knicks.

Against the Bucks they did the impossible.

They shot 55% from the field and still loss.  That should tell you how bad their defense was.  This is more Amare’s fault than Melo, since as you will see, Amare gives no effort in blocking out his man.  Lin had a right to be pissed off.  Someone has to step up and be the leader of this team if they are ever going to prosper.


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