Jeremy Lin to Have Limited Role Under Knicks Coach Mike Woodson New Offensive System

I think Jeremy Lin is a good basketball player.

The problem was that mainstream media made him into a Hall of Fame basketball player for two weeks of good play. Unfortunately, for Lin he plays with other players on the Knicks who demand the ball.

Those players won’t be happy unless they have the ball in their hands. They also have huge egos and didn’t like the fact that Lin was getting all the attention while they were getting all the blame.

Mike Woodson realizes that Carmelo Anthony just got one coached fired and if he has any chance of keeping the Knicks job he has to appease him much more than worrying about Lin’s feelings.

Jeremy Lin may be a global phenomenon, but he is no longer a Knicks phenomenon. Linsanity was the flavor of February, but he appears not to be new interim coach Mike Woodson’s favorite dish.

Woodson, calling Lin “in a learning stage,’’ said yesterday he is turning the focus of his new deliberate offense to his bread and butter: Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, the Knicks’ two stars who combine to make $37 million this season.

Lin is expected to remain the starting point guard for now, but Woodson indicated he’s all about veterans. That could mean backup point guard Baron Davis or even his former Hawks favorite Mike Bibby, who has been out of the rotation, could supplant Lin eventually as the starter.

I don’t know how this is going to work our for Woodson or the Knicks.

Only time will tell.