Jerry Sloan Interested in Knicks Head Coaching Position

I don’t think Phil Jackson would be interested in the position, considering how the Knicks are currently constructed. That could change in the summer, but right now I can see why people especially would believe Sloan is a stronger candidate.

While retired Lakers and Bulls coach Phil Jackson has frequently been named as a possible successor to D’Antoni, sources close to retired Utah coach Jerry Sloan say he would be interested in the position. Sloan retired abruptly in February 2011, and was pursued by a number of teams during the summer before resisting the recruiting efforts. In an interview with in early January, he said he was considering a return.

“I think if the right situation came along, whatever that is,” he said. “I don’t know what the right situation is. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

“[Returning to coaching] is a decision where, if somebody talked to me, I’d review the situation like anybody else and take it from there.”