Kendrick Perkins Delivers Hard Foul on Blake Griffin. Retaliation for Dunk of the Year?

It is no secret that Kendrick Perkins is a lot better basketball player in his own mind than on the actual basketball court. He made headlines earlier this season after he told Chris Webber to keep his name out of his mouth until he wins a ring. (Perkins was a role player for the Celtics championship team)

But of course, that is not the lasting impression fans have of Perkins. It’s of Blake Griffin reaching deep down into Kendrick Perkins being and ripping out his soul with a candidate for dunk of the year.

So last night was the first time the Thunder and Clippers faced off since the dunk. You had to expect twitter gangsta Perkins, who may be softer than a wet paper towel, wasn’t going to take it sitting down. So the first time Griffin took it to the hole 5 minutes into the game, Perkins delivered a hard foul knocking Griffin to the ground. In the replays you can see he smacked Griffin across the face.

Perkins did receive a technical foul on the play. He said after the game that it wasn’t intentional and that it just happened.

The interesting thing? It looks like it worked.

Griffin was 3 for 11 from the field and settled for jumpers and hooks and didn’t have a dunk for the rest of the game. He was held to 7 points, his lowest total of the year and first single digit game of the year, in the 114-91 loss.

It was also a homecoming for Griffin, who was born in Oklahoma City and played college ball at Oklahoma.

Whether the foul did it, or nerves, Kendrick Perkins slightly redeemed himself last night. Still doesn’t mean you’re a superstar, so slow down and enjoy this small personal victory.

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