Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom to Divorce Because of Reality Show?

There are several different things that are going on here.

Lam Lam believes the reality show is hurting is game on the court (was it the reason for the Triple Single).

Then there is a report that Khloe’s mom Kris Kardashian wants to play up their martial problems to help the ratings of the reality show.

The sad part is I believe that Khloe actually loves Lamar, but is being pulled in different directions.   Lamar is messed up in the head and her family are a bunch of attention whores.

In the end she will be the only one who gets hurt and that is sad, because she appears to be the nicest and most down to earth one of the bunch.


3 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom to Divorce Because of Reality Show?

  • Yeah she does seem like she really loves him and isn’t an attention whore like her sister so it would be sad for them to divorce and as for Lamar he just seems to have a ton of emotional problems but I don’t understand why he wouldnt play better the b ball court should be the place where he can get away from everything and just play

  • In-Laws (on both sides), friends and family members (along with TV cameras) will mess up a good thing everytime….. FACT……

  • It is my firm belief that the Kardashians are both the epitome and even a perpetuator of one of the largest problems facing our society. The Kardashians are famous for no good reason (unless you consider having a famous lawyer father, a sex tape, or a 70’s icon that is used as a door-mat for a stepfather as a good reason), and they are successful because of that fame. They perpetuate to the youth of our society that you can be successful without any effort, or value. Now our country is faced with a growing segment of our society that seems to expect to be wildly successful just because they believe they are special, without putting in the work or effort to become successful. And when that success does not come, they expect someone else to take care of them.
    This country is quickly loosing our work ethic and is replacing it with an entitlement mentality. The Kardashians are the poster children of that attitude.

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