Khloe Kardashian Says Sex Was a Job With Lam Lam, But Will Leave it in God’s Hands

Poor Lam Lam.

If he isn’t talking to the Penguins while Delonte West is birthing Cheetahs, hurt and confused for being booed after dropping a TRIPLE SINGLE or just genuinely just being depressed, he also has to deal with this.

When you marry a Kardashian, you marry into the spotlight. I think at first Lamar liked the added attention, but now not so much.

“Lamar and I definitely want children, but I felt pressured by my mum and my sisters,” she said. ”Kourtney had Mason and was saying, ‘I want him to have someone to grow up with.’ Sex became a job instead of it being fun and easy. Now it’s in God’s hands and I’m very comfortable with that right now.”

Khloe, 27, says she and Lamar, 32, have sex “between three to five times a week,” but it seems like they are at it more, thanks to editing on their show, Khloe & Lamar.

“I did cringe a little [watching the show] – it was a little intense,” she said, explaining, “It was during the NBA lockout and Lamar was really depressed, because basketball has always been his passion. He’d had a loss in his family over the summer, which of course affected him very much, and my brother moved out and it was very depressing in our house. I was trying to make the house fun, but you can’t tell that from the episode – people just think I’m sex-crazed!’

I don’t think it is necessary for us to know how many times they are getting busy in a Burger King bathroom, but I digress.

Sex is certainly a job, but someone has to do it.