Kings Interested in Trading Tyreke Evans

Lakers fan is very excited about this possible news.

Curious that the Kings more interested in keeping Cousins and getting rid of Evans. Lot of teams are in need of a young talented point guard, so Evans would be in high demand.

On Friday, during the Kings-Lakers game, Kings beat writer Jason Jones sent out a very well-timed tweet that read, “The player the Kings could move if it lands a vet leader type is Tyreke. That’s what I keep hearing.” The genius behind this tweet, and the reason it was so well-timed, is because Jones sent it out right before JimmerFredette went on a scoring tear against the Lakers and so the tweet was probably not even read by most followers as they were busy tweeting about Fredette.

Now although this may not seem like a confirmation that the Kings have in fact put Evans on the block a report on stated that even though Jones may not have provided us with great proof of what he “is hearing” Jones word alone should be worth a lot. As the report indicated, “Jones isn’t one to grasp at pixie dust in the air. If he said it, he’s heard it.” The fact that he came out and publicly said just reassures what we already rumored to be true. Tyreke Evans is on the block.