Knicks JR Smith Tweets Joe Budden EX Tahiry’s Ass in Hotel..Game is All Messed Up (Photos)



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In my day there were rules of engagement in these type of matters.

The Ex didn’t cock block, the new dude didn’t gloat and the chick didn’t act like Kat Stacks at BET Awards.  Is this what it has come to?

I don’t even like Joe Budden and his cock blocking was suspect (Joe Budden Salty His Ex- Girlfriend Tahiry Hosting Party With Knicks JR Smith), but……JR Smith is no better.  OK, you smashed or appeared to smash, why throw it in that man’s face especially on Twitter.

Nothing chill about that.

The Knicks will never prosper like this and whatever happened to JR Smith tatted up girlfriend who had his back in China?

With that being said…………

Not bad……..for a Twodel, check out the booty shaking video.

Screengrabs from Jocks& Stiletto Jill Stiletto Jill who you can also follow on Twitter, also was able to grab Tahiry’s replies to these guys acting like they are on Saved by the Bell.

As you can imagine, she is LOVING the attention in true Twodel fashion.

If you want to know what all the fuss is over Tahiry might want to watch this NSFW pics.

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #1

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #2

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #3

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #4


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