Kobe Bryant Thinks Someone Will Score 100 Points Again, Dwight Howard Takes Shot a Kobe


This is the 50th anniversary of the great Wilt Chamberlain dropping 100 on the Knicks. Many have wondered if the record could ever be broken.

The player who has gotten the closest is Kobe Bryant who dropped what I affectionately call a “T.O.” (81 points) on the Raptors. When Kobe was asked about it, he says it is just a matter of time.

Why wouldn’t they? I think in time, that day will come,” Bryant said, “Somebody will do it. Eventually it will happen.”

When Dwight Howard was asked he made sure to take a little jab at Kobe.

“I don’t see anybody doing it,” Howard said of someone breaking Wilt’s record. “Kobe had 81 … and he took like 80 shots.”

A very backhanded compliment by Howard (Kobe took 46 shots).

There has been some friction between those two since an alleged phone call where Kobe told Dwight if he came to the Lakers to remember Kobe is still the man.

The two most likely players to even get close to Wilt’s record would be Kevin Durant or Lebron James, but I have to agree with Dwight, I don’t see it happening.

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  1. I agree, Wilt’s record is safe.

    I take it those young ladies pictured with the Stilt are 2 of his 20,000 conquests?

  2. It will happen one day.

    Most likely it would have to be a big man that could put up tons of high percentage shots like Wilt did.

    A Shaq-type that can make free throws…..it could happen.

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