LeBron James’ Slam Dunk Contest Style Dunks in Practice (Video)

LeBron James and the Miami Heat are in Oklahoma City for a battle against a team many people are predicting they will meet in the finals. During today’s off day practice, LeBron started doing some dunk contest style dunks. Here is the video courtesy of Brian Windhorst of ESPN Heat Index

Nothing spectacular, but what you have to love is the conversation this going to generate. At the time of this posting, the video on youtube has 52 Likes and 32 Dislikes. 32 Dislikes?

So instead of breaking down the video, I present a new game.

Guess the Mini-Skip Reaction!

The game show where you have to guess what Skip Bayless and his mini-skips are going to find to criticize about the video.

Option A: “I thought he said he was only an in game dunker”

Option B: “He totally missed the first dunk”

Option C: “He should be focusing on his opponent instead of goofing off in practice”

Option D: “He should be practicing his low post moves and improving his game”

Option E: “He isn’t clutch”

That last one is just because it always seems to come up, regardless of what he is doing.

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