Magic Want to Trade Dwight Howard to Bulls, But He Doesn’t Want to Play With Derrick Rose

If this is true Dwight Howard is an idiot.

Almost every great Center in the NBA has had a complimentary wing player that has helped them to championships.  So, I don’t understand why he is so resistant to go play with someone like Kobe Bryant or in this case Derrick Rose.

CBS Sports NBA insider, Ken Berger, is reporting that the Orlando Magic would like to trade Dwight Howard to the Bulls.  Magic executives believe the Bulls can provide a better trade package than the Nets, Mavericks, or Lakers, where Howard prefers to be traded.

The Bulls/Magic deal would likely include Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Omer Asik, and a first round pick for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.  While the potential trade makes sense for both sides, it’s unlikely to be executed because Howard has expressed an unwillingness to sign a long term deal with the Bulls.  Dwight has also publicly expressed the desire to be “the guy” on his team.  He doesn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone, and that might be the case with Derrick Rose on the Bulls.

Dwight Howard is unlikely to lead a team to a NBA Championship as the main guy, for someone who is suppose to be unselfish and all about team, his insistence on being the “man” says a lot about the person he really is.

The fact he would be willing to go to a lesser team in the Nets just because he would seen as the man over Deron Williams is crazy.  You put Dwight Howard on the Bulls right now, even losing the guys they would in a trade and they would become a much stronger contender to win the NBA title.

Does Dwight want to be remembered as a Center with NBA Titles or a Center who was the “man”?

Something he needs to think about in these next few days before the trading deadline.

3 thoughts on “Magic Want to Trade Dwight Howard to Bulls, But He Doesn’t Want to Play With Derrick Rose

  • Not wanting to play second fiddle doesn’t make him an idiot.

  • When someone shows you who they are, believe them. This is such in case with Dwight…smh. #Jesusbesomecommonsense

  • Dwight is crazy….they would make the Bulls a power in the East instantly……these youngsters don’t understand…jordan, magic, etc never were the men…they had a team….i hope he didn’t say that…hes not the man on his team now

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