Melanie Paige Smith Says Terrell Owens Owes $20k In Child Support, Wants Him In Jail

I personally was hopeful after the last court hearings that T.O. had all this cleared up and everything was straighten out with the mother of his children.

I don’t know if Ms. Smith just is giving T.O. a hard time or he truly isn’t paying either way she files a claim against him every couple of months asking for him to be put in jail.

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is $20,000 in arrears in his child support payments to the Atlanta mother of one of his children, and she wants him fined or jailed if he doesn’t pay up, according to a new petition her attorney filed Friday.

“He has not indicated if he ever plans to send another penny for their daughter,” Smith’s attorney, Randall Kessler, said in a letter to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“We plan to ask the court to send a strong message, given that he has only paid support in the last 10 months after a contempt action has been filed against him,” Kessler said.

If Owens owes the money then he has to accept responsibility.  The one thing that bothers me is Ms. Smith nor her attorney ever mention building a relationship between Owens and his daughter, they just want him to pay or go to jail.

The relationship should be more important than the money.

But that makes too much sense.

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