Michael Wilbon Thinks Rajon Rondo is Best Point Guard in the NBA

The problem with these types of statements is everyone has an opinion of what a point guard should be.

Derek Rose style point guard is different than a Rondo style point guard.

Here is the exact Wilbon quote.

After yesterdays game Wilbon remarked: “There may be a few point guards who are better day to day, Rose, Paul, Westbrook maybe. But is there any point guard who can do what Rondo does? Anybody? There is nobody.”

People were saying the same thing about Rondo when the Celtics were making their deep playoff runs, but then his Achilles heel showed up.  His poor jump shot and free throw shooting.

Rondo puts up some crazy stats line and is one of the better point guards in the game, but I use a very simple system when I evaluate players.

I am starting a team and I need a point guard who am I taking first and it wouldn’t be Rondo.  It would Rose, CP3, D Will and then Rondo.

But the separation between those four (throw in Westbrook if you like) isn’t that great, you can make arguments for any of them.

Rondo has had a great week, but I think people are going a little overboard.  Not to take away from his accomplishments, but settle down a bit.

4 thoughts on “Michael Wilbon Thinks Rajon Rondo is Best Point Guard in the NBA

  • Wilbon has lost massive points with this statement. I lost count how many times Rose has owned Rondo. Wilbon get it together and stop acting brand new. Smh…

  • as stated, its an opinion…rye breads better than white bread…theres another one…chocolates better than vanilla…no wait..actually, yesterday. he was the best point guard..like everything else, your only as good as your last game

  • He loses points for saying that no other point guard in the NBA can put up an 18 point, 20 assist, 17 rebound game? There are starting bigs who have never pulled down 17 rebounds in a game.

  • Since we measure players by rings now, shouldn’t Rondo be the best? He’s the only one with a ring…

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