Mike D’Antoni Resigns..Responsibility for Rest of Knicks Season Falls on Players’ Shoulders


It is the SYSTEM!!!

The SYSTEM doesn’t fit the players!!!

MELO is being used the improperly!!!

They don’t play any defense in the SYSTEM!!!

That is what Knicks fans have said while trying to figure out why a team with talented players is so bad.  Mike D’Antoni and his SYSTEM is gone now along with his system.

We will see now if Amare will grab more the 3 rebounds, Melo won’t be a ball hog or Lin will cut down on turnovers.

If Knicks falter it will be clear that it wasn’t the SYSTEM it was the players, so they have no one to blame but themselves.


  1. Melo is the problem; this is the NBA and these guys should know how to play. D’Antoni is the scapegoat.

    is it that hard to be 6′ 9″ and jump a little?

    i hate to see this happen to the Knickerbockers!!!!!

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