Mike Shanahan Says Redskins Had Playoff Caliber Offense Last Year

The Redskins coaches and players talk a lot for a very average team.

They are always talking about playoffs even though they were no where near them.  But they did beat the Giants twice.

*Small Victories*

Shanahan gave an interview to the Redskins’ website in which he was asked what improvements he needs to make for the Redskins to have a playoff-caliber offense. Shanahan responded that they’re already there.

“Well, I think we were a playoff-caliber offense this year,” Shanahan said. “But we didn’t have the depth that you need to go through a season. You can’t lose your left tackle, your left guard, your center. You can’t lose your starting running back and tight end, especially your tight end that’s your best blocker in Chris Cooley. And then you lose Santana Moss for four or five games, and a guy like [Leonard] Hankerson who finally gets ready, he goes down. And it’s just part of football. There’s no excuses. But what you have to do is you have to build your football team, where you can lose three or four guys on offense, you can lose three or four guys on defense, you’re deep enough to still win football games. And that is what great organizations do.”