Patriots Rob Gronkowski “Hooks Up” With 17 Year Old Micalya Evans in Aruba


The definition of “hooking up” varies from person to person. I am willing to give GRONK the benefit of the doubt and say that these kids just meant they were hanging out with him and nothing freaky went on besides the kissy face from the picture above.  I hope that is the case anyway.

More importantly for GRONK needs to be a little more cautious when he is going out. Even though he is a relatively young guy himself don’t want to get caught up in an R Kelly aka Mark Sanchez type of incident. did all the investigating if you want to know how they found out the girl was 17. Parents should also be aware of what is going on with their teenagers when they go places like this on Spring Break.

The underage drinking that is happening could lead to much worse things than hooking up with a Patriot.


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