Pau Gasol Celebrates Not Being Traded by Singing Karaoke (Video)

There is a mystique about player with the Lakers.

It is like playing with the Yankees or the Cowboys, just being on the team makes you a star. If you are a legitimate star player it makes you into a superstar.

Think about a few of the players who have left the Lakers like Trevor Ariza, Jordan Farmer or Shannon Brown. When was the last time they were on the radar?

You think Shannon Brown marries Monica if he played for the Bobcats.

That is why Pau Gasol is singing gleefully “How to Save a Life” by The Fray.

2 thoughts on “Pau Gasol Celebrates Not Being Traded by Singing Karaoke (Video)

  • Shannon is finally starting to make a splash with Phoenix. He pretty much steam rolled their victory over the Clippers last night being their leading scorer. Plus I read, he said he could do without the attention with playing in LA. It did help his career without a doubt. Everyone else…..yeah.

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