Peyton Manning “Reached Out” to Arizona Cardinals

Not to keep saying I told you so, but……………..

I told you so.

The day the Colts secured the #1 pick in the NFL draft I said on Twitter and I quote.

“PEYTON GONE!!, Luck will be drafted #1 and look for Manning to end up in Arizona”

People said I was crazy and it still might not happen, but I was told from the beginning that it would be a strong possibility.   While 12 teams have contacted Manning, according to this report Manning has put out feelers to Cardinals.

One of those interested teams was the Arizona Cardinals. It appears, based on a report from Adam Schein of, that the feeling is mutual. 

That’s because, according to Schein, Manning “put out feelers” to the Cardinals about their level of interest.

Schein also writes that Manning is “very intrigued” about the possibility of playing with star wideout Larry Fitzgerald and that Manning “also likes Arizona’s young, talented defense.”

Additionally, Manning likes the idea of “bringing along [Reggie] Wayne as his wingman,” which is something we’ve heard rumored before.

Besides the inside source that I have, it always made perfect sense.

Playing in a dome, in the NFC West, Larry Fitzgerald, innovative offensive coach, young upcoming defense and a team that has been to a Super Bowl with a veteran quarterback.

If the Cardinals bring in Reggie Wayne even more firepower on offense.

If Peyton is serious about going back to the Super Bowl this has always been the best landing spot for him.


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