Plaxico Burress Appealing $125k Judgment Against Him Stemming From Car Accident

Plax is a free agent and while he has made it known he would like to play for several teams, so far no one is interested.  I am sure he will get a deal, but it will be something small and incentive laden.

Until then he is trying to keep all the money he has.

He is appealing a judgment against him stemming from a car accident he caused.

As TMZ first reported, Plax lost a lawsuit in January stemming from a car accident back in 2008 and a judge awarded the victim, Alise Smith, $125,000 for her troubles. 

Plax has now filed for an appeal challenging the judgment. Smith’s lawyer, Anthony Quackenbush, feels it won’t do any good. He tells TMZ, “The jury’s verdict was thus a just one and went a long way towards compensating Mrs. Smith for her injuries. I am confident the Appellate Court won’t overturn that decision.”