Radio Host Dan Graca Calls Heat’s Trayvon Martin Tribute a “Publicity Stunt”

I don’t understand people at times.

If Lebron doesn’t say anything he is slammed for not speaking out.  If he does something then it is a “publicity stunt”.  There are times Lebron, D Wade and The Heat says things I don’t agree with, but I can totally understand why they feel anything they do will be twisted into something negative.

Listen to the ignorance from Radio Host Dan Graca.

“I guarantee you one thing, is that, if Trayvon Martin that night was not wearing a hoodie, I bet you dollars to donuts he’s still alive today, okay? Because no hoodie means no warrant for suspicion.”

“It makes you look like some type of badass. That’s all well and good, but is it really worth it?”

But Graca isn’t done there. He goes on to attack the Miami Heat for their show of support, calling their picture a “publicity stunt.”

“And by posing in these hoodies, they’re making it a black-white issue, instead of supporting the family, or — calling for justice.”

“What they’re doing is not going to bring the victim back alive.”

I think people are misunderstanding the problem with the hoodie.

A hoodie is an article of clothing that is wore by every race.  White, black, Hispanic, Asian, and Geraldo.  The problem is when a white man puts on a hoodie, he is just a white guy in the hoodie.  That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

When a black man puts on a hoodie in the eyes of Graca, Geraldo, Zimmerman, police and many more he becomes a thug, gang banger, suspicious and a criminal.

That is why we are wearing the hoodies, not as a publicity stunt, but to show people that just because you are a black man with a hoodie on that doesn’t mean you can’t be a lawyer, doctor, reporter, NBA player, student or just a kid going to get some Skittles.

Wearing a hoodie isn’t a green light to shoot to kill.  It isn’t a green light to stalk.  It isn’t a green light to follow.  It isn’t a green light to stereotype.

Treat us the same you would treat anyone else in a hoodie.  If we aren’t bothering anyone why are you bothering us?

It doesn’t matter if Trayvon wore a hoodie, has gold teeth, listens to rap music, was in gated community, suspended from school, ran away, fought for his life or has a past.

He wasn’t bothering anyone, he was walking and became a target because of Zimmerman’s prejudice.

I don’t care what the Heat’s motivation was, but if it makes one person change their perception they did their part and that is a lot more than what Dan Graca has done.

2 thoughts on “Radio Host Dan Graca Calls Heat’s Trayvon Martin Tribute a “Publicity Stunt”

  • When pundits make these type of statements/comments, it appears to me that they are afraid that their worst fears are coming true and that minorities may actually begin to coalesce. it also re-affirms my belief that there is one particular segment of society believes that all other races are here to simply serve at their leisure and everyone must conform to “their” image of society.

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