Rajon Rondo Speaks on Trade Rumors: “It’s Part of the Business”

I get the feeling Rondo wouldn’t be that upset if he was traded.

No one likes to be the plus 1.

No one ever says the Big 4, they say the Big 3 plus Rondo, but Rondo is probably the best player on the team right now, maybe secretly Rondo wants out.

“I’m doing all right. Like they say it’s part of the business. I’m happy just playing basketball. I’m happy with the guys they surrounded with me, the coaching staff. Danny and I have talked quite a bit this year so his (best player on the team) is not new news to me. I don’t get discouraged when I hear my name in trade talks. Obviously that was big of Doc to come out with that statement but I know the relationship we have. It’s gotten better each year.”