Rap Video: Gillie Da Kid feat: Eagles DeSean Jackson “On My Dip”

Jocks and Stiletto Jill uncovered this footage of Philly Rapper Gillie Da Kid and his new rap single “On My Dip” with a surprise appearance by none other than Eagles DeSean Jackson.

Normally,  I don’t care what these guys do in their free time.

If you want to flow with Gillie Da Kid more power to you, but Jackson who was just hit with the franchise tag by the Eagles, should be aware his perception off the field will be as important as his performance on the field if he wants a long term contract.

Right or wrong people will look at this with a bit of a skeptical eye, if I was advising him, I wouldn’t tell him not to do it, but just to be aware anything he attaches his name to will be looked at closely not just by the Eagles but fans and media.

This is the spotlight you are under when you are trying to get a long term deal.

This is NSFW, DeSean verse drops around the 3 minute mark.