Redskins LaRon Landry Workout Video is a Bit Scary.. #LARONING

Not that Landry could cover anyone before, but I just don’t see how looking like Lex Lugar is going to help him in shape, form or fashion this year.

Who handles the Redskins offseason workouts?

Why haven’t they told him to slow down…………

2 thoughts on “Redskins LaRon Landry Workout Video is a Bit Scary.. #LARONING

  • Laron Landry doesnt seem to get the point. I guess he released the video as proof that the pictures are really him. No one is doubting that the pictures are really of Laron. We just dont understand why. There are several areas of concern. 1.) Why does an NFL safety need to be the size of a defensive lineman? 2.) No one believes that he has increased his muscle mass that much naturally. I don’t care how many pictures he posts of himself holding up supplements. Unless the bottle says “Elephant Anabolic Steroids” I am not buying it. 3.) How does any of the additional mass help him decrease the risk of repeating his previous injuries? 4.)Laron faces, and has been burned by, some of the fastest receivers in the NFL within his own division. (Remember how Desean Jackson got him for 88 yds in that MNF game?) Will more muscle help with that? Nope. Maybe he should be spending more time focusing on running instead of trying to set the bench press record.

    • Dude runs a 4.37… Desean is just faster than that.

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