Report: Allen Iverson Signs 1 Month Deal to Play in Dominican Republic League for $22K

I will believe it when I see it.

Allen Iverson has been linked to playing in various leagues except the one he wants to play in………..


Los that Sports Blog broke the news on Iverson’s alleged next tour of duty.

Iverson has found a new source of income and has signed a one month deal to play in the Dominican Republic, according to

Allen Iverson signed a one-month deal to play in Dominican Republic with Capitanes de la Bahia to play the XXXII Torneo de Baloncesto superior de Santiago.

Nunez, president of the club, confirmed the deal with Iverson. Iverson will fly from Atlanta to his new destination.

Iverson is expected to earn $22,000USD to play in Dominican Republic.

Let me know when Iverson is on the plane.  I wouldn’t be surprise me if we found him at Onxy strip club, before the Dominican Republic.

We wish him well wherever he ends up.

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