Report: Broncos Will Offer Peyton Manning a 5 years and $90 Million Contract




Peyton Manning turns 36 next week, he is coming off 4 serious neck surgeries and the Broncos are willing to hand him $60 million?  That should tell you how little faith they have in Tim Tebow.

An NFL source said Manning and his camp have narrowed their choices to the Broncos and Tennessee Titans. The parameters of the deal, according to the source, that both teams are working off: $60 million total, give or take, and a $30 million guarantee, give or take, spread over five years.

NFL contracts are always complex, so whoever Manning signs with, it will be real interesting in seeing how the contract will be structured, but one thing is for sure.
Peyton is about to get paid.
But the bigger question………..
How long can Peyton play?
It is now being reported the Broncos are offering Peyton Manning 5 years and $90 million.  Once again it is all how the contract is structured because the numbers reported are normally not the true numbers.



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