Report: Chad OchoCinco Will Be Back with Patriots, WRs Will Compete in Training Camp


The Patriots have signed 700 WRs this offseason, but the only two that are assured a roster spot are Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd.  The rest will be competing for probably 3-4 positions.

That includes Chad Ochocinco.

Some believe Ocho would be cut by now (I would say that some in the media have been pushing for it), but it appears he is safe at this point and will have the chance to win a job, which is all you can ask for.

Ochocinco will be back in New England next year,” Schefter says. “They believe that he’ll spend this offseason immersing himself in the playbook, familiarizing himself with the Patriots’ offense. They’re going to bring all these wide receivers in and let them compete in training camp and the best receivers will play.”



  1. I don’t like that at all. Couldn’t he be cut and play a more prominent role with the Jets, 49ers, Steelers, or Dolphins?

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