Report: Lakers Want Joakim Noah, CJ Watson and Two 1st Rd Picks for Pau Gasol

Pretty simple when you are talking about any possible Lakers and Bulls trade.

The Bulls want to get rid of Carlos Boozer, but no one wants him.  If they are willing to part with some other players, in this case Joakim Noah the Lakers would be interested.

The trade deadline is noon Thursday, and the Chicago Bulls became the most recent team to have discussions with the Lakers about Gasol.

The Bulls offered power forward Carlos Boozer and guard C.J. Watson, according to the Chicago Tribune, though the Lakers were not interested in Boozer’s bloated contract (three more years, $47 million). Derrick Rose, last season’s MVP, was not part of the conversation.

The Lakers countered by saying they would consider receiving at least two first-round picks, center Joakim Noah and another player believed to be Watson, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The Bulls are hesitant to give up Noah and that is why as of right now, the trade is dead, but you never know what can happen between now and the trading deadline on Thursday.