Report: Mike D’Antoni Fired Because Knicks Wouldn’t Trade Melo for Deron Williams

Is Melo that bad?

Is he a cooler?

For a premier player in the league he just seems to have a black cloud hanging over him.  Extremely talented, but is he the type of star that you can win championships with?  Mike D’Antoni didn’t think so and that is why he is unemployed today.

According to TNT’s David Aldridge the breaking point came this morning when D’Antonti trade to get Melo traded.

A source with knowledge of the discussions says D’Antoni and Knicks chairman James Dolan mutually agreed to terminate D’Antoni’s job with New York after the two met this morning.

D’Antoni, the source said, had been advocating that the Knicks attempt to trade Anthony to the New Jersey Nets for guard Deron Williams, a deal D’Antoni believed would be beneficial for both franchises. But Dolan categorically declined that request, and the “conflicting visions” between the owner and head coach about Anthony meant there was no way forward.

D’Antoni had hoped the Knicks’ inspired and winning play with Lin as the centerpiece — while Anthony and Stoudemire were injured — would convince Dolan the Knicks could win without Anthony. Bringing Williams from the Nets would also have eases the burden on Lin, D’Antoni believed, allowing Lin to settle into a three-guard rotation.

D’Antoni asked for the meeting with Dolan after his relationship with Anthony had deteriorated sharply in recent days. He will be paid the remainder of the $6 million he’s due in this fourth and final year of his $24 million contract.

Depending on how the rest of the season plays out we will know who was right in this situation.

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