Roger Goodell Says Jeremy Shockey Not the Saints Snitch, Warren Sapp Inaccurate

I don’t speak in absolutes and sure Roger Goodell could be lying, but you tell me who would you believe. Warren Sapp who got his info from Twitter or Roger Goodell who just suspended a NFL Head Coach for lying to him?

I’ll wait…………..

Last week NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp called tight end Jeremy Shockey the “snitch” in the Saints bounty scandal. Shockey immediately denied the accusation and even shared a text message exchange from coach Sean Payton to confirm his innocence. Today NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that Shockey did not blow the whistle on his former team. During his media press conference at the NFL owners meetings, Goodell was asked about Sapp’s comments to which he replied, “First off, you’re assuming it’s a player right? We have several sources on this. We’re not disclosing who our source is or sources. I didn’t see his comment, but he’s inaccurate. We’ll start with that.” Goodell said that he would leave any decision on punishment for Sapp to the NFL Network.


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