Seahawks Chris Clemons Ordered to Give Ex-Wife Veranetta $500k For Cheating



$500k for cheating?  Even Kobe thinks that is unreasonable, Tiger is like “that’s it?”.  Pay attention fellas.

Clemons’ wife Veranetta filed for divorce in 2010 on grounds of adultery — claiming Chris admitted to having casual sex with several women in 2009 … and would often disappear to Atlantic City at all hours of the night, returning home the next afternoon.

As part of the divorce, Veranetta demanded exclusive use of the couple’s Georgia mansion — as well as one of their cars … the Land Rover or the Bentley. On top of that, Veranetta wanted $10,000 a month in alimony for 5 years.

Neither side could agree on a settlement — so it went before a jury … which finalized the divorce last month, ordering Chris to cough up $500,000 and the Land Rover.

The more I think about, maybe it is better to just pay the lump sum and get it over with.

But that must be a hard check to sign.  $500k just for going to Atlantic City.  That’s a half of a million dollars, a smart person could flip that and live comfortably for a long time with that money and Veranetta never had the Saints putting a bounty on her.

Glass half full?

Chris got to keep the Bentley.

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