Seahawks Marshawn Lynch To Star in Movie With Gary Busey & Lee Majors

Has Lee Majors done anything since the “6 Million Dollar Man”?

That show was ahead of its time if you think about.  It had those Matrix elements to it, with the slow movements to make it look like he was going really fast.

Gary Busey is an accomplishment actor, even though he maybe more known for looking crazy on Celebrity Apprentice.

Nevertheless, Lynch is trying to get those hours up to get his SAG card.  No Guts, No Glory has the details.

Lynch signed on to play a role in a movie being filmed in Seattle. It’s called “Matt’s Chance”. It’s about a mid-20-something cowboy who’s betrayed by his girlfriend. It sends him into a downward sprial. The movie tackles all the things Matt is going through, from the mafia to corrupt bankers to even God himself.

Lynch’s co-stars include the 6 Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors. Plus, Edward Furlong from Terminator 2, Point Break’s Gary Busey, and Margot Kidder of Superman fame also co-star in the movie.

If they don’t get in a line talking about “Beast Mode” the movie will be a failure. I assume this is going straight to DVD.

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