Sergio Martinez Knockout of Matthew Macklin (Video)

You know Sergio Martinez, the boxer who possesses Paul Williams’ soul in his closet, but you don’t know much about him. The reason being while he is the undisputed Middleweight champion and probably the best junior middleweight in boxing he has a problem getting high profile fights.

Both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather who have fought for Junior Middleweight titles have no interest in fighting him. They say Pacquaio is too small (even though Pacquiao fought Antonio Margarito who is bigger physically than Martinez). Mayweather who is fighting at Junior Middleweight against Miguel Cotto in May, has more interest in keeping his record clean.

For the record I think Martinez would be tougher opponent for Mayweather than Pacquiao.

We won’t even mention Julio Caesar Chavez Jr whose handlers are scared to death to put their cash cow in the ring with Martinez.

So, Martinez is forced to take fights against guys like Matthew Macklin. This isn’t a knock on Macklin who is a very good fighter, but there is a difference between a good fighter and a great one.

Macklin had a great game plan and the fight was close until Martinez woke up and just destroyed Macklin in the last 3 rounds of the fight.

After being dropped twice in the 11th round and having his face battered and bruised, Macklin’s corner did the right thing and threw in the towel.

Where Martinez goes from here is anyone’s guess, but no one will be running with open arms to get in the ring with him.

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  • Sergio is the true #1 Pound for Pound Boxer regardless of what Mayweather and Pacquiao groupies think.

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