Steakhouse Server Fired After Posting Picture of $200 Peyton Manning Tip

A server at the Angus Barn Steakhouse in Raleigh, North Carolina was fired after he posting a picture of the generous tip Peyton Manning left him after dining.

The bill, which was for $739, already included an 18% gratuity so it was really great that Manning dropped an extra $200 on top of that. But as it turns out, that also served as his severance package.

From RTV6 in Indianapolis

“This goes against every policy we have,” Van Eure, the restaurant’s owner, told Triangle Business Journal. “It’s just horrible.”

The Angus Barn is a hot spot for celebrities and the wealthy in Raleigh. Eure said she intends to call Manning to apologize personally.

Horrible? I understand that you don’t want your employees doing this and you want them to protect the clients privacy, but its not like he tweeted out a receipt from King of Diamonds or something showing he was a lousy tipper.

Manning is pretty well known as a generous dude and he doesn’t do this for the publicity, but I don’t see him calling the owner of the restaurant and demanding an apology. When you live in the public eye and do things like this, you have to expect the server will want to tell his friends.

Should he have been fired? Probably not, but unfortunately for “Jon”, he worked for one woman who believes he should.

5 thoughts on “Steakhouse Server Fired After Posting Picture of $200 Peyton Manning Tip

  • He should be fired for lack of common sense. Who does that? Who in their right mind, thought it was okay to post a picture of a PAYING CUSTOMER’S receipt.

  • this seems to be the norm in this “myface” spacebook” generation…everything from who i got in the sack last night to cant talk gotta take a crap”..its dumb, but hell..athletes do it…movie stars do it…im over 50…i dont do it..

  • this made me littal perhaps you could enlighten me…does payton manning tweet?

  • If he didn’t sign anything when he got hired saying thats a no-no. He’ll probably go the American way and sue anyways.

  • Good riddance…folks need to understand everything aint meant to be shared. We need more people to realize that PRIVACY is good.

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