Six to Eight Teams Inquiring About Dwight Howard


He should be gone anyway.  Hopefully the Magic aren’t believing anything he is saying about possibly staying with them.  They will get “LEBRONED”.

While the flirting with teams while under contract I do not agree with and think is unprofessional on Howard’s part, if the Magic keep him and he leaves as a “FREE AGENT”, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Otis Smith said there are “six to eight” teams interested in acquiring Dwight Howard.

“I’d say everybody in the league has called us. …but this late, it’s six to eight,” Smith said.

Magic CEO Alex Martins remains hopeful that the Magic can retain Howard.

The Nets, Mavericks and Lakers are on Howard’s list of preferred destinations.

Don’t make a dumb trade if you are the Magic, but get some value and some cap space, so you can rebuild quickly.  Take the best offer and keep it moving.