Some Jets Players Think Tim Tebow is Overrated, Others Think He Can “Save” Souls


We know what Antonio Cromartie thinks about Tebow coming to the Jets, but many of his other future teammates are split on their opinions on Tebow Time.

Unlike Cromartie, their comments were off the record.

Sources connected to the Jets tell TMZ … a bunch of players were working out in the gym at the Jets training facility when the news broke that Tebow had been traded.

We’re told several players got into a pretty heated conversation about the move … with multiple Jets complaining he’s “overrated.”

But Tebow DOES have supporters … we’re told multiple players argued that he’s a good guy with real potential … and will be a good backup for Mark Sanchez.

As one player put it, “If nothing else, he will make us a more holy squad.”

It appears that Tebow had his choice of where to go and he chose to go the Jets.

Is it a coincidence that he went to the team that needed the most souls saved?



  1. I don’t fully believe this was solely Tebow’s decision. Adam did say that Denver was making the best deal possible for the organization and seems Jets won out. It still is rather intriguing nonetheless. So much to look forward to going into this NFL season.

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