Stephon Marbury Accused of Beating Up Chinese Fan During Brawl (Video)

What is it with all the violence in the Chinese Basketball Association?

I thought when JR Smith and his sister Baby Precious left the country things would calm down, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Stephon Marbury has been caught up in a brawl that put one fan in the hospital and talking like he is Mitch Blood Green.

 Anthony Tao at Beijing Cream, a Weibo user (that’s Chinese Twitter) said Marbury beat up a fan in the brawl that followed game four of the playoff series between Beijing and Shanxi. Marbury, through his team’s general manager, denied the whole thing.

According to Deadspin this all started after some questionable calls by the refs and fans not being very happy about.  So unhappy that they didn’t allow the bus with the refs in it to leave for an hour.

In the mayhem is when Marbury is accused of throwing a Mayweather two piece and a biscuit at a fan.  Here is what the fan had to say.

Because there were too many (Shanxi) fans, too crowded, when Marbury came out, the fans were careless so they squeezed around him. He (Marbury) had a water bottle in his hand and hit me square in the head, knocked me to the ground and kicked me in the face.

It would help if you could speak Chinese, but here is a video describing the incident and Marbury denying everything.