Tim Tebow Approached to be the Star of “The Bachelor”

I was shocked this reality show still comes on.

If I am not mistaken only one couple out of the 70 seasons have stayed together for longer than two months correct?  Curious why people watch it when they know the couples won’t be together.

With that being said if Tim Tebow were to appear it would instantly become the highest rated show on Television.

“The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison said on Access Hollywood Live Monday he’s talked with the Broncos quarterback about being featured on the show.

“I’ve actually met Tim Tebow,” Harrison said. “I met him about becoming our next ‘Bachelor.’ I think he’d be a great Bachelor.”

Asked if Tebow was likely to accept the offer, Harrison was pessimistic.

“Well, they always say yes, but it never happens,” Harrison explained. “He’s a really good guy. He did say yes … but he would never do it. He has a little job called quarterback at least for another year.”

Harrison does make a good point that Tebow might only be a starting quarterback for one more year.  While I wish Tebow the best if his career does fizzle out, no worries he can always do reality shows to make a living.

Kim Kardashian should do a season.

H/T Larry Brown Sports