Tim Tebow Thinks He Can Unseat Mark Sanchez as Jets Starter

The one thing I like about Tim Tebow is regardless of what anyone says or thinks he believes he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL.  Truth be told he doesn’t want to run the Wildcat or be a “Slash” type of player, he wants to play quarterback.

While his statistics are ugly he still has more wins than losses.  So while he maybe a terrible quarterback visually, in the stat that matters he isn’t that bad.

According to No Guts, No Glory he believes he will be the starter in New York.

Tim Tebow’s love of New York has nothing to do with pastrami and rye, or Times Square, or even Madison Ave.: The real reason Tebow loves New York is because he feels he can beat out Mark Sanchez and become the Jets’ starting quarterback.

A major factor in Tebow’s push to come to New York over Jacksonville, his hometown, is that he sees a clear path to resuming his career as a starter, sources tell the Daily News.

If that is true, Tebow thinks Sanchez is worse than Blaine Gabbert?  It might be he believes the Jets are a better team than Jags, so being the starter of Jets more beneficial than Jags.

Either way it will be interesting to see how it all works out especially when Sanchez has that first 3 INT game.