Timothy Lee Forbes Bites Off Ear of Son’s Catholic Basketball League Coach

This isn’t very Christian like.

Forbes when straight Mike Tyson on the head coach.  The sad thing beyond the obvious is that these are 6th graders.   Nice example to show for your son.

On Friday night in Springfield, Mass., yet another angry parent lost his temper and attacked a coach. The alleged attacker, Timothy Lee Forbes, reportedly punched the winning coach and then bit off part of his earafter his son’s team lost their 6th-grade Catholic Youth Organization basketball game.

According to reports, the coach was rushed to a local hospital where the severed part of his ear was reattached.

The children playing in the game ranged from ages 10 through 12, and many of them were reportedly knocked to the ground and left crying during the altercation between Forbes and the coach. According to the police report, others who were in attendance at the game had to pull Forbes from the coach before he fled the scene. He turned himself into authorities on Monday, but plead not guilty to disorderly conduct, assault and battery, felony mayhem, and other charges.

Trying to figure out how you can plead not guilty to biting a man’s ear off, but I digress.

Be better parents.

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  • Well Damn…I mean Darn…….how the hell does he think he think he’s Not Guilty…lol

  • And naturally, someone has it on video…

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