Titans DT Shaun Smith Not Worried About Losing Out Peyton, Says Eli Is Better

Out of all the “Manning Losers”, the Titans stand in the best place QB-wise. Acquiring the Manning (of old) would have been a luxury as it was not a pressing need. Like the 49ers, it will be an awkward offseason as the Titans have to explain to their current QBs about the direction the team is headed.

Reconciliation is the first step in Tennessee as DT Shaun Smith steps in to say that he didn’t want Manning anyways. After safety Michael Griffin speaks on finding out about not getting Manning, Smith steps in to “console” his teammate.

Smith even went as far to say that Peyton’s little brother is a better QB.

Seeing that Manning is a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest QBs ever, you can’t possibly believe Smith but it’s a good first step in the post-Manning hangover.