Twodel Asia Giselle Monroe Exposes Kings DeMarcus Cousins Sexting Pics (NSFW Photo)

Our friends over at Ball Junkie has all the standard details you would expect from this type of story.

NBA player strikes up conversation with a young Twodel on Twitter.  They all look somewhat similar to Ms. Monroe.

They all have similar Twitter bios.

A Freak Behind Closed Doors…Dancer & Model..Overachiever.Attends University Of Alabama.following my dreams of greatness….#JustWitness #TOKETEAM


DMs are written and numbers are exchanged.

Sexting begins and athlete sends goofy self portraits of himself like this…

Something happens, either the player smashes and dashes or the Twodel is crazy like Miss Hawaii, but the Athlete’s package ends up being sent to several sites, to EXPOSE the athlete.

Ladies if you want to see what Cousins is allegedly working with. For the record I don’t know if it is him or not, don’t care. If it isn’t curious what grudge the Twodel has against him.

DeMarcus Cousins Alleged Nude Pic NSFW

Happens like clockwork every couple of months.

I am not even going to try to give them advice anymore besides saying.



Cousins’ agent has denied the pic is Cousins.

Cousins, through his agent, John Greig, denied sending the photo. Greig said he would contact NBA security about the situation today.

Greig wrote: “Rest assured that DeMarcus Cousins has not sent any nude photos to any woman at any time. Allegations that he has and internet websites that are reporting such are erroneous. These websites should take the images claiming to be DeMarcus down and apologize. It is a sad reflection of where our culture is that someone can send and post these type of things without any accountability.”


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