Waitress Sara Robinson Says Dennis Rodman Owes Her $225k For Slapping Her Booty


That is a very expensive booty slap.

While I agree it is very crude and rude of any man to just randomly slap a woman on her ass without permission, is it really worth almost a quarter of a millions dollars?

This judge thought so.

As we previously reported, Sara Robinson sued the Chicago Bulls legend after the alleged sexual assault at the Hard Rock — and when Rodman failed to respond to the complaint … Sara won a default judgment in the sum of $225,000.

But Sarah claims Rodman still hasn’t paid a cent — so she’s once again fighting the same battle, filing new docs in Florida to enforce the judgment in the Sunshine State … where she suspects Rodman owns property …  hoping to get Rodman to finally pay up.

Hard to feel sorry for Rodman since he blew off the proceedings.

If the UPS guy had slapped Sara I wonder if she would have sued?

I don’t think think she should hold her breath about getting that money considering Rodman owes almost a million to his ex wife in back child and spousal support.


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