WIll Drew Brees Hold Out If A Long-Term Deal Isn’t Done?

Probably not. But its a possibility.

Brees isn’t happy about the Saints placing the franchise tag on him and we reported last week that he was actually “livid” about being tagged (Drew Brees “Livid” Over Franchise Tag, Vows Not to Sign). Brees haven’t said that he’ll hold out if a deal isn’t done before the team’s offseason training program begins in April, but he has played under the franchise tag before and it didn’t have a good result.

From CBSSports.com:

“I’ve played under the franchise tag before,” Brees said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike Wednesday morning. “And that ended with 13 anchors in my right shoulder and having a 25 percent chance of playing football again. So that didn’t work out too well for me. And I’ve talked to the Saints about this many times and they definitely know my desire to have a long-term deal and they certainly want me to have that as well. So we’ll continue discussions and, like I said, get a long-term deal done sooner or later.”

Brees also told the AP that he wants a deal to be done “right away.”

I really don’t understand why the Saints are hesitant in signing Brees to a long-term deal. The Saints are one of the top teams in the league because of him. He broke the passing yard record and was named AP Offensive Player of the Year.

What more does he have to do to prove he is worth the money??

The Saints need to get a deal done and soon.

Between the bounty and the team losing All-Pro guard Carl Nicks to division rival Tampa Bay, the really Saints need some good news.