Wizards Forward Chris Singleton Says He Might Spend $10k on Mega Millions Tickets

Something about playing for the Wizards just destroys a player’s brain cells.

It is like being in a closed garage with the car running for hours.  Players just don’t think right when they play for the Wizards.  The Mega Millions lottery is up to $640 million and is causing people to do odd things.

Washington Wizards player Chris Singleton – who is bringing in somewhere in the area of $1.5 million this season — is one lottery player who is playing with more than one shot — Singleton thinks he’s a slam dunk to win, tweeting that he planned to spend $10,000 on tickets, the Washington Post reported.

I hope he was just exaggerating, if he wasn’t and loses, I will be the first one giving him the Nelson Muntz laugh.

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