Aleea Lee, Deion Sanders’ Alleged Jumpoff Says She is Jolie to Pilar’s Aniston (photos)



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I am sure there were problems in Deion and Pilar’s marriage well before Ms. Lee came into the picture, but this was the first public story that came out that had people in shock that their marriage may not have been on solid ground (Photos of Aleea Lee the 19 Year Old Deion Sanders Allegedly Cheating on Pilar With).

Pretty young lady.

Maybe a little bit of a high opinion of herself when you are comparing yourself to Angelina Jolie.

The analogy is a bit messed up. Aniston never had any of his kids. Also as we can see now Jolie wasn’t just a random jumpoff that was hooked up by Pacman Jones, but I digress.


  1. In my opinion she is a much better and more attractive option than Angelina. Appearance wise she actually is putting herself down by comparing herself to Angelina. And hopefully her history isn’t like Angelina’s as well.

  2. She’s fine, but Pilar is on another level. I guess Deion doesn’t mind a whore trying to get famous off of his name; but he minds his trying to get famous. Some men don’t know when they have it all.

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