Alison Melder, Bobby Petrino’s Model Friend Lied About Being Miss Bikini USA 2008 (Photos)


Larry Brown Sports put on their Detective Hat and did a little background check on Ms. Melder (Bobby Petrino Also Texted Bikini Model Alison Melder On University Phone) and SHOCKINGLY we have a model lying about her credentials.

Models, rappers, journalists, George Costanza, Skip Bayless and so many others have added a little sugar to their accomplishments.  So can’t say I am surprised by this.

On a past modeling profile, Melder wrote “miss bikini usa 08″ and “miss motorcycle mania 08″ in the awards/credits section. She lied about the Miss Bikini USA 2008 part.

The Vice President and Chief Photographer for Miss Bikini USA emailed LBS to inform us that Melder did not win the competition. He also has no recollection of her even competing.

“I personally did the Arkansas event in August of ’08 and she WAS NOT there at all. ALL models that win MUST work with me and this girl did not. The winner from Arkansas in ’08 was a girl named Shirley and the over-all winner for Miss Bikini USA 2008 was Gia Allemand that went on to be on “The Bachelor,” he said in his email.

Just for the record we have Petrino who has lied about everything, a 25 year old engaged woman having an affair with a coach for a job and $20k and now a bikini model who is more of a Twodel than a real model.

The only question is when does the Lifetime move come out?


  1. “Models, rappers, journalists, George Costanza,Robert Littal, Skip Bayless and so many others have added a little sugar to their accomplishments”

    Ok fixed!


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